I’m a writer at heart and have been toying with the idea of committing myself to a blogging site for quite a while. The time has finally come, thanks to a co-worker of mine who suggested the idea. It seemed like a “cosmic timing” sort of nudge, so here goes…

My blogs will focus on, at least for moment, my experiences as a single mom who is consistently on a quest to bring more peace and harmony into my life. My life’s path has taken me down lot’s of roads – many of which I’d prefer not to have travelled down, and many of which seemed to lead nowhere. But in looking back, I realize that they’ve all served a purpose, which is to bring me to the exact place that I am today. And “today” is what it’s really all about… Today is where life happens… Today is the day for either being content, or deciding that something needs to change and taking action… Today is the day that I started my blog. Finally. (thanks, Jenny :)

This site is mostly a way for me to process my experiences, whether any one reads my posts or not. For those of you who choose to live in a black and white world where “right” and “wrong” exist as absolutes outside of the context of yourself, I’ll take the chance at offending you now and suggest that this site is not for you rather than offend you on a continual basis with my blogs. I’m rarely mainstream. I regularly challenge the norm. I embrace uniqueness. I believe that each of us has the innate ability to choose what is “right” for us – and I honor that rightness for each of you without judgement. For those out there who enjoy seeing the world through another person’s eyes… read on.

If you decide you’d like to comment on any of my posts, please review my About page prior to doing so.

Welcome to a peaceofmyworld.